Dentist/Tom and Julie round for Dinner

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My first visit to my new Dentist. Mr Nagpal. He decides I need a ‘deep clean’ and then produces a hypodermic that would rival the Saturn V rocket in size! Five injections later, I’m ready for the excavation to begin. I’m sure I felt his foot on my back at one point whilst he tried to find the centre of the Earth! :). I’m never quite sure of the value of the request to ‘rinse’ afterwards. The mouth is obviously completely numb after the injections, so the liquid goes in one side and out the other. Yuk!

Fish and chips all round at ours tonight…

We haven’t seen our neighbours Tom and Julie for quite a few weeks. So, there was lots to catch up with! It was great to see them both again, I think we got to bed around midnight…

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