Biscuit and Bon Bon – 1 year on…

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It just doesn’t seem like the cats have been with us for a whole year. It’s passed really quickly.

We’ve always felt that cats’ behaviour changes in LARGE steps rather than gradually. For instance, Bon Bon now rolls on her back quite regularly but up until a few week’s ago, that’s something that she would never have done! She also tolerates having her tummy rubbed – something else that used to be impossible, as she used to simply run away!

Biscuit has always been the noisier of the two. She’s even more vocal these days, and is always first to let us know she’s around.

Since the cat over the back took a shine to both of them last year, we’ve always been a bit cautious about letting them out the back into the garden. But, the weather has been so good here and it’s such a shame not to give them the opportunity to explore the wild. What we tend to do is let them out ONLY when we’re out there too. So far this has been very successful and they LOVE the outdoors.

We weren’t to know, but a few days later, Bon-Bon would get so excited, running around that she’ll would forget that cats can’t fly and subsequently took a nose dive straight into the pond!! On the plus side, it made her coat beautifully soft – I’m so glad we cleaned the pond out a few months back. On the down-side, we have quite a few fish now undergoing psychiatric help!

Overall, both the cats are much more chilled out and tolerant of their human owners picking them up for a cuddle. Both have developed exceptional jumping skills and are now exploring horizontal surfaces that previously would have been out of the question. Maybe more worryingly, they both adore open windows and there’s been a number of occasions where they’ve stressed us out by leaping onto an UPSTAIRS open window and attempting to balance on the open crack or do their Elvis impression by ‘leaving the building’. When the fish have finished with the Prozac, we’re next.

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Roll on the next 12 months…

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