Gambles Reunited for Ann’s Birthday Celebrations

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Birthday Girl!
Well, I think that’s a first (not sure why though!) – the Gambles family reunited here for Ann’s Birthday!!
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Denis, Roger, Jane, Oliver and Bev batting for the Gambles, whilst Lee and I were in the other corner!

A little like that odd tradition where the person whose birthday it is, provides cakes, Ann provided – and cooked – the menu!

Moroccan Lamb…
…or Cottage Pie (a healthier variant with a Sweet Potato topping)…
…followed by Low Fat/Low Sugar Black Forest Cherry Trifle…
…or Apple & Pear Strudel… (sorry, no photograph, as I was too busy tucking into the Trifle (carefully avoiding the ‘Lent-threatening’ chocolate)…

We finished it all off with a Cheese Board.

There’s was plenty of time for a good chat with everyone including a thorough look through Oliver’s increasingly impressive school-work (Engineering, Physics, Biology and Maths). Denis also continued his mass de-cluttering exercise by bringing with him a wide selection of this-and-that from his Garage.
Confused smile

By 4ish, it was all over, so we said our goodbyes and cleared up.

After taking Lee home, and returning, Trish dropped-by with Ann’s pressy, closely followed by Rosi. Phew!It’s been a busy day – but ‘good’ busy!!
Happy Birthday Ann!

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