Remember the 60s?

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It’s getting to that point where many of our social circle are reaching a ‘certain’ age (although some have past it, and some feel past it!) Guilty on both counts! 😁 Tonight was another of those events, with John C reaching that milestone where the Library (if there’s any left!) and travelling by Train, both financially become more of an attraction! Trish had done most of the hard work tonight in getting their place ready for his Party, with about 25 couples on the invite list. We’d done our bit by lending out some plates, our Hot Trays and some cutlery plus Ann had created a couple of dreamy desserts! – Black Cherry Trifle (almost completely fat-free) and Plum Crumble. Low Fat Black Cherry TriflePlum Crumble The Neighbours were there – Tom, Julie, Rosi, David, Paul and Karen as well some of John’s closest friends. Tom and Julie attempting to encourage John to face the camera!Tom and Julie attempting to encourage John to face the camera! It must have been a good evening as we didn’t leave until 12.30am! (very late for us!). Another fab evening with good food and friends to match! HAPPY 60th JOHN! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

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