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Well, we haven’t done this for a while, so it was good to see everyone today. We never need an excuse to get together but today we had one! Rosi had organised a party for hubby Dave’s birthday. A tricky manoeuvre considering the weather has been all over the place these past few days – and it didn’t look too promising given that proceedings started at 3pm!

Rosi wasn’t going to let a little thing like the threat of rain get in the way of a celebration, and so 20+ of us descending on ‘Rosi’s Taverna’ for a totally Greek affair was the order of the day! The Gang were all there, including: Tom, Julie, John, Trish, Paul, Karen, Jake and Rhiannon and many of Rosi and Dave’s closest.

The table was set for 27 – which, even by our standards meant ‘serious catering’ – and the menu didn’t disappoint!

Rosi had cooked her socks off (as usual) and we all abandoned any thought of sensible eating (well, I did!) as soon as the food was put on the table – a full assault on the taste-buds followed (in a good way) all helped along with lashings of ginger beer wine and homemade olive-bread courtesy of super-chef and my nearest and dearest!

Desserts too…

…and then cheese for those who could manage it..!

By 8pm everyone was truly stuffed – even I was!

What a fantastic event – and hats off to Rosi and others who prepared a true banquet for the masses!!!

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