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We drove down to Roger, Jane and Oliver’s on Friday night for a weekend of all sorts of things!

These days, I’m never far away form a technology projects – and happily, this weekend was no different! First job was to reset Oliver’s Tablet and re-install everything because it had become slower and slower in the past few months. That all went very well and it was soon up and running, almost like new.

Saturday morning was the BIG tech project though! We’d donated our older TV (46 inch LCD model from Samsung – the UE46F8000) to replace their current set – ours had ‘smart’ features giving them the opportunity to enjoy Netflix, YouTube and others on the BIGger screen. And so it began with Ann and Jane doing the decent thing and going shopping, Roger and I concentrated on positioning the new TV in its new home including cabling it up to his PVR and Surround System.

Whilst the TV itself installed and subsequently behaved flawlessly (still a gorgeous picture, even in SD), we felt short of perfection on the audio side because the newer TV had a different audio output socket compared to the old TV’s (goodbye ‘Phonos’, hello, TOSLINK!). A quick online order to Amazon together with a SD card reader to sort out a smaller issue with viewing photos on the TV, and we were done!

After a spot of lunch, it was a decidedly zero-tech afternoon as we drove into Ware and took in the sights!

Then it was back to theirs for a change of clothes before heading off to the highlight of the weekend: Oliver’s School (Richard Hale) 400th Anniversary Show entitled The Tales of Hale being performed at Hertford Theatre. But not before we dropped into The Woolpack in Hertford for a burger and a few drinks.

By the time we got to the Theatre, it looked nothing like the picture below – it was heaving! But we eventually fought our way through to the loo and then our seats.

The curtain went up just after 7.35, and what a production it turned out to be! Talk about ambitious!!! The production lasted just over two-and-a-half hours and featured scenes from Shakespeare to Schindler’s List by way of  Grease and Lord of the Flies! If that wasn’t enough, there were a number of personal presentations from pupils past and present! Impressive or what – and a great way for the School to celebrate 400 years of existence.

Off-stage, Oliver was on the flute in the Orchestra Pit and performed his numerous parts flawlessly! I’m pretty sure at their age, I was nowhere near as talented as ANY of the kids we saw here on Saturday night.

By 11pm, it was all over and pupils were being congratulated left by, right and centre by their parents as the mass exit began. We missed the rush as Oliver stayed behind to clear-up – and it was nearer to 11.30 by the time we headed back to the car-park. We were soon back at base enjoying a night-cap. If we were tired, Oliver was shattered having also performed in the matinee in the afternoon.

We ‘hit the sack’ just after midnight and for once, I wasn’t up with the birds on Sunday!

After a leisurely brekky, we said our goodbyes and headed home. It’s been a full-on weekend (but in a good way) and great to be able to have done the family a favour in terms of the TV. Seeing Oliver performing was the highlight though!

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