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2015-01-04 13.36.07

Lincoln Cathedral from Bev’s Lounge Window

We drove up to Lincoln to see Bev today. The reason? My ever-so-slight ‘senior moment’ on Christmas Day at Ann’s Dad’s, where I unpacked all the presents and then somehow re-packed Bev’s back in the car – and took them home!! Doh! (Bev couldn’t join us on Christmas Day due to her foot injury).

Driving conditions when we started out for Kettering were awful – a heavy frost overnight, together with thick fog in places. Still, we had a pretty good journey, and by the time we got there, it turned out to be a really nice sunny day. We took  some of the food we’d cooked from last night’s ‘neighbours get-together’ – we’d made enough to feed the World, so, it was a great opportunity to share it all again with Bev!

The journey home was better – most of the fog had gone, and there wasn’t that much traffic on the road. There was just time to pop round to John and Trish’s to sort out John’s printer, before returning home, and an early night! (Ann’s up early tomorrow and is leaving at 5.45am)


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