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The Saxon Mill, Coventry Road, Warwick

Ian, Mags and I met up at the rather pleasant Saxon Mill restaurant in Warwick tonight. They say that people aren’t eating out anymore, but the place was packed! This was a good sign and the food didn’t disappoint. Duck for Mags, and Venison for Ian and me, meant we all enjoyed a tasty bird, as well as getting plenty of time to catch-up with each others’ news.


Mags reminded us that the last time we ate here, was when I announced that Ann and I were getting married – there’s still a couple of dents in the carpet from jaw-damage!
Winking smile
Ian and I managed to squeeze in a dessert before admiring our new cars -it was the first time I’d seen Ian’s (very sporty looking red) Qashqai, and the first time he’s seen the Jaguar.

I hit the road about 9pm, and the driving conditions were perfect for a chance to experiment with the manual gearbox option on the XKR on the journey home. It may only have six gears (instead of the more modern Jags’ eight), but it was an exhilarating and enjoyable experience – the exhaust note in third was hypnotic (less so, the sub-15 mpg!!) – boys and their toys ehh!?
Angry smile 
Thanks both, it was great to see you, and I really enjoyed the food. See you both for our next get together on March 10th.

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