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I came across something really useful for my car yesterday – and for once, it wasn’t a new car polish!! I wanted to share the good news, as for some of you out there – especially those of you that cover quite a few miles, it’ll bring a big smile to your face!
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It’ll only works if you belong to the RAC, you own your own car, and where your tyres costs more than about £75 each. So, if that’s you, then read on – I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

As a motorist, one of the more unpredictable parts of driving is getting a puncture, and as we all know, it’s an unwritten law that it only happens when you are 1, dressed in your best clothes, or 2, it’s raining, or 3, both! These days, many cars don’t come with a full sized spare… or even a spare wheel at all, so for many of us, it’s not a question of simply swapping (and those ‘puncture repair thingies they supply with some new cars are a waste of time!)

So, I was chuffed when I learned that the RAC now offer a bolt-on to an existing membership that takes care of such situations. OK, it can’t deal with a ill-fitting tuxedo or control the weather, but at least your puncture gets sorted – and it works like this. The add-on is called Tyre Rescue, and at the time of writing, costs no more than about £70 per year.

Imagine it’s your annual do, you’re dressed in your tux and it is of course, raining. You hear that familiar sound of flop, flop, flop as you’re driving – it’s a puncture! Now, simply call out the RAC, and they’ll attempt to repair the puncture there and then. If that’s not possible (and here’s the really good part), they’ll recover you (and up to 7 passengers), and your car, to an approved garage, where they’ll fit a NEW tyre – and the RAC will foot the bill!

Yes, you read that correctly, the RAC take care of the cost! It sounds like a no-brainer to me, and If that’s not impressive enough, the policy even covers malicious or accidental damage too! OK, you’re limited to five call-outs per year, but that seems very realistic – when was the last time you had FIVE punctures in one year?

Obviously, the more expensive your tyres, the better the deal. Mine are 255/35 R20 97Y on the front and 285/30 R20 99Y on the rear – the fronts costing about £150 each, and the rears about £200.

So, as a famous Dragon once said: “I’m in!”

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