Weekend with Roger, Jane and Oliver

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Roger, Jane and Oliver arrived around 8.30. Lee joined us too, so we’re all set for a great weekend. The weather looks like it’s finally switched to ‘summer-mode’ and the only thing that’s tainting the enjoyment is the fact that Bon-Bon is still missing.

The Sun came out as promised – big time! It looks to be the hottest day of the year in these parts. Bon-Bon came home at just after 4am, so all is now right with the world!!!

First ’chore’ of the day was to enjoy breakfast out on the patio – gorgeous!

a shortage of jam!

Then, after lazy morning and a spot of lunch, it was off on our annual pilgrimage to Kilworth House Theatre to meet up with Jo, Janet and Carol – we’re all seeing My Fair Lady. By the time we got there, the weather had turned even warmer – perfect conditions for this outdoor theatre. As expected, the performance played to a full (maybe slightly sweaty) house and it was a brilliant production Good sound quality (so often missing from outdoor performances), and brilliant acting and singing made it a performance to remember. As the Daily Telegraph said: “Kilworth House perhaps the best-kept secret in British theatre”. Brilliant!!!!

Kilworth House Theatre

Kilworth House Theatre

I totally agree! The quality of performance, the lighting and the music/orchestra could easily hold their own in the West End. It was a long production at two-and-a-half hours, but every minute was worth it. I’m not a theatre ‘luvvie’, but this had been a great event.

After the performance, we headed home where Ann performed miracles in the kitchen – and I performed miracle with the washing-up!

We've been expecting you Mr Bond

To round-off the evening, we watch Skyfall on err, Sky (the third time for us, second for Roger and Lee and the first for Jane). Another long performance, but again, well worth it.

We all crashed-out about 10.45.

We were quite surprised that Oliver didn’t invade our bed as he’d had yesterday at some un-Godly hour. By 8.15 he still hadn’t surfaced. Clearly, yesterday had worn him out!

It was brekky on the patio again today (another scorcher promised), and afterwards, Roger, Jane and Olive went off to Corby swimming. That left the three of us to get Sunday Lunch ready. Lamb is planned again, with all the trimmings – yummy. The temperature was so hot outside (30 degrees) that we decided to eat INDOORS

All set for lunch!

It was, as expected, a scrummy roast followed after a short pause for Rennies, by home-made cherry tart – we also managed to get through a fair bit of alcohol too (shame!). After lunch, Lee weaved her magic in the sink and with a few reinforcements from the rest of us, the kitchen was back to normal in no time.

After a bit more sun worshipping, Roger, Jane and Oliver said their goodbyes and headed home. Lee followed not long after.

Phew! We’re both exhausted (but not sure why!) – what a great weekend!!!! The week coming promises similar temperatures – Summer HAS arrived it seems!


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