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Bev joined us for the weekend. It was nibbles and wine on Friday night in preparation for her marathon shopping expedition with Lee, Jane and Ann on Saturday – I’m acting as just the taxi service! 🙂


Up with the lark and down to the station for 7.30am (!!!) as the girls headed for Stratford and the massive Shopping Mall there. In preparation for picking them up later, I wasn’t sure whether to have a tow-bar fitted or get an HGV Licence 🙂 

That left a leisurely day for me and time to compose a suitable letter for Bev to complain about their recent holiday accommodation. I’m told that these days, complaint letters have to somehow stand-out, so I turned it into a poem!

We stayed at Lag Uaine
But it was all a bit of a shame
So we won’t be staying there again

We’re not talking bull
But when we arrived the hoover bag was already full!

Try to have a bath there
But only if you dare
as the plughole was full of pubic hair!

Hair? But there was even more
scattered on the bathroom floor!

I like to cook – and that’s a fact
But the ceramic dish was mouldy and cracked
Some of the pans were truly busted
whilst others were burnt and rusted!

The curtains were an instant ‘fail’
There was nothing to stop them coming off the rail!
And the Porch was just like Jack Horner
with the rubbish just sitting in the corner!

Take notice chaps
of the size of window sealant gaps
Was this a game?
No, we also found a rotted window frame!

And who was that dodgy dealer
who dealt us a broken veggy peeler?

Many must have given the toilet a miss
as the dried urine made us hiss
Surely you are taking the p***

Washing up – was everything OK?
No! We found the dishwasher arm lying in the tray

Back to reality then! Suitably shopped-out, their train pulled in to Kettering station just after 5, and with the boot emptied of anything non-essential, the shopping fitted without a problem – just!

Home and just time for a cuppa before we’re out to The Wheatsheaf at Titchmarsh. We’d deliberately booked an early table, knowing how busy it gets. especially on a Saturday. And as predicted, it was empty when we got there, but packed-out when we left.

My Dessert 



















The food, as expected, was delicious  – especially the desserts!

We left just before 7.45 and by the time we got home, the shoppers were shattered! Early nights all round!!!!


We all got up a lot later than usual. We skipped breakfast with Bev saying her goodbyes just before 10.30 and heading home.

Cheers Bev – it’s been great to see you this weekend!

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