Carpets – Phase I

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In all the years we’ve lived here, we’ve only ever had the carpets cleaned once. Not surprising then, that over time, they’ve all become a bit grubby – especially the beige ones.

Step forward, Nigel, the Cleaning Doctor  who we met-up with a few weeks ago after seeing an advert in a local magazine. He came round today to tackle Phase I of cleaning all the carpets in the house – today, the biggest job, the beige ones.

The job took around three hours and began with a thorough wet-vacuum of the carpets in question. WOW! I thought we kept our carpets clean, but when Nigel showed me what he’d vacuumed up, I was, to say the least, a bit embarrassed. Firstly, the colour of the water – the deepest shade of black! Then it was the cat hair – enough in the vacuum-bag to cover at least another large cat! Meeow!!

Obviously the tech has moved on since our first clean – the carpets used to take ages to dry , but today, they were touch-dry in 30 minutes. Excellent!

Phase II,  where Nigel will tackle the blue carpets around the house, will be on 6th September.

Nice job Nigel – thanks!

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