Laptop woes/Kitchen ceiling

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Julie brought Georgina’s Dell (rather nice pink) laptop round. It’s refusing to accept an installation of the latest free version of AVG.

After spending a lot of time clearing out the registry, I tried to reinstall it. After a couple of false-starts, it installed without a problem. I’ve been running various tests on it for the past few hours and it seems to be fine so far. I plan to leave it running overnight for any AVG updates and we’ll see how it is in the morning.

Mick popped round to create the holes in the ceiling ready for Nathan to board, plaster and add coving to the ceiling on Thursday. Mick will be back towards the end of the week to install the downlighters.

This all prompted me to begin the removal of the existing border that’s been glued up there not long after we moved in 14 years ago! It was a fiddly and boring job, but I got further than I planned. I’ll hopefully finish it all off tomorrow.

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