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We set off for Mum’s quite early – 7.30am! – in order to get to hers for around 9.15 (our best journey for ages). She’s got some problems with her bank account and we’ve promised to take her into Bromley to get it sorted out. The mission to the Nationwide appeared to be successful, and their customer service assistant, Sue, was very helpful. Hopefully, by early next week, it’ll all be sorted and Mum’s e-savings account will disappear from our accounts list on-line.

In the afternoon, we took her to see the 2.30 matinee performance of Cabaret at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. It starred Wayne Sleep and Samantha Barks, the runner-up from the hit BBC series I’d Do Anything, in the title role as Sally Bowles. I didn’t know the story-line too well and we were both surprised as how dark and provocative the story was in places – Holocaust issues and lots of naked bodies! I thought Wayne Sleep was a bit past-it, but Sally Bowles was excellent –  what a voice!!!

The production finished just after 5pm (after a slightly late start) and so we decided NOT to go back to Mum’s for a cuppa, instead, we set off immediately for Kosturi an Indian restaurant in Hayes to meet up with Neil, Debbie and the Boys.We arrived around 5.45 and Neil, Debbie and the boys arrived shortly after. We were both able to park almost right outside the restaurant.

Neil is well-known there and the staff even came out to greet him! Once inside, the service was excellent and so was the food. Mum thought is was mediocre, but everyone else enjoyed it. Mum offered to pay for the whole meal, but at almost £170, we all felt it was too much. We paid for the wine and Neil and Debbie paid a significant part.

We stayed over in the Guest Suite in preparation for travelling to the 2009 London Marathon tomorrow.

We’re all getting increasingly concerned about Mum’s state-of-mind. She seems to be losing her confidence, has become increasingly negative and seems to be critical of everyone and everything! We need to keep an extra special eye on her – this is not a good sign.

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