Rosi’s Get-Together for Ann’s Birthday

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It was really great of Rosi to offer to host a get-together to celebrate Ann’s Birthday. We don’t need much of an excuse to meet-up with the neighbours – so this was just perfect!!

We took Karen and Paul with us for the short drive and we arrived there about 7.45.

All the gang was present – Rosi, David, Debbie, Stefan, Karen and Paul. Julie and Tom arrived a little later. Rhiannon and Alex were also there showing their expertise on the Wii. From what I could see, it was a good job I wasn’t invited to play as their scores were a lot better than mine – embarrassingly so!

Once we all got chatting, it was clear that most of us were affected directly or indirectly by this current recession. The food lifted our spirits big-time, though; it was, as always, superb! – especially the meat, that was tenderer that a tenderised thing that’s fallen into a tenderiser!

I managed to avoid the temptation (just) of any of the desserts with chocolate in them – but it was close! In the end, I settled for Karen’s brilliantly smooooooth cheesecake.

The time flew, as it always does when we get together – before we knew it, it was almost 1am – and given that the clocks go forward tonight, I knew we would be trashed in the morning!!

Update: Sunday – yes, we’re both completely trashed!!!

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