Ferry good lunch!

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The Granary at Ferry Meadows

I met up with Alison W – from my Nokia days – at The Granary in Ferry Meadows, Peterborough for lunch today. We’d been there a couple of times before, but today was a slightly surreal experience as the staff were all dressed in strange outfits.

Our waitress, was dressed as… well, we weren’t quite sure. I thought she was one of the Witches from Macbeth, but Alison felt she was dressed as Pocahontas. Alison was right – and it turned out, it was all in a good cause for a local charity. The place was a whole lot busier than usual, where, in addition to dressed-up staff, it had more of an atmosphere.

Last time we were there we discovered a new concept in menu choices – the bottomless option (basically a continuous supply) – and this was still being offered. Alison chose the burger whilst I opted for chicken (spookily, the same as last time), taking advantage of their bottomless chips and bottomless Diet Coke. Desserts followed (as they must do) and we dived into the Profiteroles for Alison and the Banoffee Pie for me – sadly, no bottomless options for these!!!!

After taking Alison through the wedding pics and us both putting all the world’s wrongs right, it was 2 o’clock and time to make our way home. Next get together will probably be March next year – where I’ll ‘live on the edge’ and opt for something other than chicken!

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