The Globe Theatre with Ralph and Karen

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We took the 9.23 train to London today to do a little shopping (an electric knife and a replacement mini-blender from John Lewis). We then met up with Ralph and Karen to see ‘Othello’ at the Globe. Great performances all round especially from Tim McInnerny (Lord Percy/Captain Darling from the Blackadder series)

Cor, what a scorching hot day…and boy, did we do some walking!

We weren’t expecting it to be so hot in the Globe. Karen and Ralph had to leave their seats 15 minutes before the end because of the heat!

Afterwards we went for a really nice meal at ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ (again). We left around 8pm and headed for St Pancras by Tube and got the 9pm from St Pancras to Kettering.

We were home by 10.15. It was a great day!

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