Birthday Blog – The Cats; 1 year old today

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The cats celebrated their first birthday today. In human years, we’ve read that makes them 16 years old – adolescent teenagers! In the months we’ve owned them, we have seen their behaviour change quite considerably. Whether this is due to them being spayed or a part of their natural growing up process, we don’t know – it’s probably a combination of both.

They both seem to enjoy both dry and wet cat food, and their appetite appears to be increasing. Biscuit is the more adventurous one, food-wise and will happily eat yoghurt, curry and baked bean sauce off our fingers. Bon-Bon however is more fussy although she has a natural ability for devouring plants with lightning speed.

They both sleep snuggled up together on the bed at night but during the day they tend to stay apart. They both like looking out of the patio window in the dining room and they’ll happily do this for hours.

Although they still occasionally play fight, this is getting rare. Interestingly, they had their first serious disagreement recently – lots of hissing and flying paws. It was a short event, but startling for us to see. Hope it’s a one-off!

Biscuit is the first to venture onto our laps. She’ll quite happily snuggle down and go to sleep. Bon-Bon has yet to try this, but she has taken to leaping onto the office chair whilst we’re working. She also has a habit of jumping up onto the back of the long settee whilst we’re watching TV.

Both are a lot more relaxed when we pick them up. They tend not to whinge quite so quickly, although it’s clearly not their favourite past-time.

Both are always pleased to see us when we get home. Bon-Bon immediately rolls onto her back with her paws in the air. Out of the two, she does this pretty often, whenever she wants attention.

Grooming them is still a challenge, although finding a groomer locally has been a great help!
All-in-all they’re becoming very affectionate and settling in very well…

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