Farewell to Lee

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At 2pm today, we said our final farewell to our good friend, Lee.

David and I led the Service at Averil Phillips and Family’s Offices in London Road, where we’d invited all those that she was really close to:-

David and I kept the event light with more a ‘celebration of life’ than perhaps a more traditional Wake – and that seemed to work well. David’s thoroughness with the just the right amount of officialdom and reflection, blended well with my slightly comedic take on Lee’s adventures throughout her 82 years!

We opened with a favourite classical piece of Lee’s, and later we played the Star Trek theme (her fave TV series).

David had sourced a perfect non-religious piece as his reading…

We finished with her coffin being taken out of the room. We invited everyone to follow the coffin to the Hearse and then give a round of applause as Lee made her final journey to the Crematorium.

Afterwards, it was a short walk to Blitz Tea-Rooms and Jazz Lounge for Afternoon Tea and in memory of Lee, including a Quiz inspired by her own, that she regularly wrote for the Residents

From the comments received afterwards, David and my ‘double-act’ was very well received! And everyone felt we’d sent her off in style.

Order of Service HERE

My Speech HERE

Arrival Music: Handel HERE

Interlude Music: Star Trek HERE

Farewell Music: Beach Boys HERE

Lee’s Star Trek & Michael Caine Quiz HERE

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