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We enjoyed a fantastic evening in the company of Jo, Carol (and the star of the evening) Janet – who’s now one full day into retirement – hence tonight’s celebration!

We picked everyone up around 7.15 and headed off to The Palmichael – we haven’t been there for a year-or-so and it was good to return and enjoy some quality food. My Steak was probably the best I’ve tasted in a good few years. Still being on Lent, Dessert was a bit of a challenge, but I did manage to find something – Blood Orange Sorbet. It wasn’t the yummiest option on the Menu, but it was a Dessert!!
Janet into retirement!
The weather was atrocious, and even on the short walk there, we were soaked when we arrived. Still, it was a warm welcome and the place had plenty of atmosphere – it was almost full when we arrived, and only thinned-out just as we left.

On the way back to the car, it was still raining, so again we got wet! But Ann and Jo got an extra dose, as an inconsiderate driver sped through a puddle in the high street and soaked them both! Janet, Carol and I were a few steps behind, so we were spared!!

A memorable evening in all sorts of ways!
Welcome to retirement Janet!
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