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With the media headlining: ‘country on meltdown’, it probably wasn’t the best day to have planned a visit to central London!

Our reason for this madness was to catch-up with one of Mum and Dad’s best friends, Connie, and have lunch together. The added bonus was that with Ann between jobs, she was able to come too (a rare treat!). Neil and Debbie couldn’t make it because Neil was unwell – so that left the four of us to catch-up with each others’ news.

We needn’t have worried about the temperature – the train from Bedford was cool and so was the Tube to Victoria.

We met at The Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria, just like last year. We started off in the coffee lounge and then headed for the Grand Imperial restaurant – also both air-conditioned!

We had a great lunch (all very NON typical London prices!) and in spite of plenty of gossiping, we were still able to have a relaxed lunch and get back to St Pancras International to get an earlier train! We were home by 3.30, where the temperature here was also ‘scorchio’!

Later, we learned that it was the hottest July on record!

It was great to catch-up, and we’re going to do it all again, in the new year.

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