Family Meal: Fortescue Arms

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The Fortescue Arms - Billingborough

As part of Ann’s Birthday celebrations, we headed up to The Fortescue Arms in Billingborough for a surprise pre-birthday lunch treat.

Unknown to Ann, the rest of her family were going to be there too! – Roger, Jane, Oliver, Bev and of course, her Dad, Denis. We were first to arrive, followed by Denis and Bev – Roger, Jane and Oliver arrived more-or-less on the dot of 12.30. We haven’t been here for a few years and we’d quite forgotten how busy it gets. Once we were inside and heading for the Bar, we noticed that EVERY table was taken in the restaurant – and they’d only been open half-an-hour!

The Menus arrived and we were soon making our choices. I continued to be boring and stick to my Lent List – but at least there was a starter,a main and a dessert that I could have without upset the list! The food was as we remembered it – typically Fortesue – massive portions, very tasty and great value! In between stuffing ourselves to capacity, we caught with all the gossip and I even managed to start a game of Chess (using my phone) with Oliver – I’m embarrassed to say, he would have beaten me if the dessert hadn’t come along when it did! – and he’s only 10!!!!
Embarrassed smile

A couple of hours later, with the meal over, we settled the bar-bill, whilst Denis took on the larger challenge and paid for the meal itself – thanks Denis!

We left around 2.30, and after dropping off Lee at hers, getting the car washed and finally filling up the car with fuel, we were back indoors by 4 o’clock.

Whoosh! that’s another weekend over!!!!

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