Film: Non-Stop

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Film - Non-Stop
The reinvention of Liam Neeson as an action-hero, has, in my view, been pretty much a success, with films such as Taken, Battleship and Unknown (and more) adding to his more recent acting portfolio (perhaps except Taken 2 that I felt was a bit disappointing!)

Although the Sunday Mail,  gave his latest: Non-Stop – directed by Jaume Collet-Serra – a paltry two stars, Jo, Janet, Ann and I really enjoyed it! Although the special effects were, by todays standards, a bit lack-lustre, the scripting and the acting from all concerned made it a very watchable film. We’re all pretty good at solving ‘whodunits’, as well as spotting the bad guy a mile off – but this one kept us guessing! Nice!!!

The only part I didn’t enjoy was the overly sugary-sweet ending, but that’s American films for you!

Just remember to turn your mobile OFF when you next fly!!!!

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