A Productive Sunday!

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We started the day with a bacon sandwich and coffee – perfect!

We then caught up with episode two of the excellent Edge of Darkness DVD. It’s amazing how well the plot has stood up to the passage of time. So much stuff from TV in the 80s looks horribly dated crap when watching it in 2009. If you like eco-political thrillers, then get this DVD – you won’t be disappointed!

Ann then got on with a bit of baking whilst I gave the car a really good clean. I can’t remember the last time I washed it – not because it hasn’t been washed, but because I’ve been using the 50-strong Polish car cleaning team down the road! All for a fiver!!!
We then reviewed Ann’s redundancy paperwork and generated a some queries for her boss next week (lucky boss!). Ann then finished off her CV after speaking to Sam.

In the afternoon, Ann tackled the ironing whilst watching The Lost Prince by Steven Poliakoff on DVD. I popped round to Paul and Karen’s to sort out why their copy of Microsoft Money wasn’t remembering any entries entered after August last year – strange!! I think it has something to do with the backup strategy that I put on their PC. I think the backup is ‘restoring itself’ and over-writing the main file. I’ve switched off the timed-backup, so we’ll know by tomorrow evening when the timed back-up is due to run. We can then check to see if Money is showing the revised data entries we put in today.

Ann went for a walk with Jo around 4.30 whilst I caught up with my reading.

…a busy, but rewarding day…

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