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Trees on the ceiling!
No, not the effects of the wine – that IS a tree hanging from the ceiling!

It was good to revisit The George in Stamford today – we haven’t been there since November 2010). We’d arranged for a celebratory lunch there for our second anniversary – for us, it’s the perfect venue.

After struggling to find a parking space, which made us late, we eventually got the last space in the hotel car-park, after finding it full first-time-round, and having looked elsewhere else! (Stamford in December on a Saturday – a nightmare!!!!) But as we parked, we could hear a funny ticking noise coming from the rear of the car. We couldn’t work out what it was, but guessed it was something to do with one of tyres. Anxious not to lose our table, we ignored the problem and headed inside.

As expected, the place was packed, so I’m glad we booked in advance! The hotel always looks good, but as you’d expect for December, it now looked very Christmassy, especially in the restaurant, where they had a novel take on Christmas trees – they were hanging from the ceiling!

The service was very good considering they were so busy – and the food, as always, was superb. We both managed THREE courses and a bottle of wine too! (very unusual for us) and two hours later we were stuffed, so we paid our dues and headed for the car-park.

Scrummy whisky and cranberry cheesecake
A rather scrummy whisky and cranberry cheesecake

We slowly reversed the car out to see if we could see if there was a problem with the tyre – there was – a rather long screw had embedded itself, just deep enough for me NOT to risk removing it for fear of a flat tyre! There was nowhere in Stamford we could go to get it fixed, so we headed home – and the nearest Kwik-Fit. Luckily. they weren’t too busy and managed to repair the tyre (but we’ve booked a new tyre as the tread’s getting very low).

It wasn’t quite the plan we had in mind for our anniversary, but it’ll be a memorable day when we look back in future years!

Any comments?