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Well, today is THE day, when, back on the 14th December 1984, we first got together as a couple. We disguised the fact by separately attending one of my staff’s leaving ‘do’. I say ‘disguised’, but I think most of our friends knew what was really going on – and that was in the days BEFORE Facebook!

Depending on when you start counting from, today is either our THIRD Anniversary (since we were married), or our 30th (since our first date). On that evening, in ‘84, we went to an Italian Restaurant in Romford (what a smoothy I am!) for THAT leaving ‘do’, and for our first anniversary the following year, it was a ‘Little Chef’ on the A12! (don’t say I don’t know how to give a girl a good time – those Jubilee Pancakes were ‘the business’!)

Over the years, I’ve tried to go a bit more upmarket, and for our second anniversary, I went totally OTT and remortgaged the house, booking Le Talbooth in Dedham. I recall that it was soooo flash, there was almost one Waiter for every pea on my plate. Totally ridiculous, totally over-priced, and totally the right place to improve on that Jubilee Pancake evening, and at last, make me look cool for THE lady!!

We’ve seen a few more restaurants since then!

So, here we are, 30 years on, in a smart hotel in Malta – The Phoenicia, and it’s our last day here before flying back to the UK tomorrow.

The day began with a ring for Ann, followed by opening the cards we’d received before going away – nice!

Anniversary Ring

Then, it was off in search of Breakfast in town. After initially settling at a local restaurant, we lost the will to live, whilst they lost the menus! – so we retreated to McD’s nearby, and settled for a ‘McAnniversary Breakfast’ consisting of Hash Browns, an Egg, Bacon and Sausage McMuffin plus a couple of McToasts, all washed down with coffee (see, I haven’t lost the knack of arranging a romantic meal!)

Anniversary Breakfast

Then we jumped on the X86 bus and headed for Marsaxlokk, a fishing village on the south-east part of the island, and only about 20 minutes away. On arrival, first impressions were favourable – it was warm, it had a massive market on the quay, and the view of the boats lived up to their colourful descriptions in all the Guide Books.

Scenes around Marsaxlokk

The Sun got hotter (lovely!) and the Market went on for what seemed like miles (great!). After checking out virtually every stall (they sold EVERYTHING!), we had a quick look round the village Church before stopping for some anniversary elevenses.

Inside and Outside the Church in Marsaxlokk

Anniversary Elevenses in Marsaxlokk

Then it was back on the Bus in the direction of Basecamp Valletta, where we were hoping to find a nice romantic location for an anniversary lunch. We were in luck, and after a short walk down towards the Harbour, we discovered Cockney’s, specialising in Fish and Pasta dishes. It was almost empty when we arrived just after midday, but within an hour, it was packed! The food was great, although the service was a bit slow (but that didn’t really matter, we weren’t in a hurry, and we had a really good view across the Harbour to enjoy!)

Anniversary Lunch in Valletta – with a GREAT View

What a fab lunch and great view – a perfect way to spend an anniversary! Having eaten far too much, we took a very slow walk back to the Hotel, picking-up some nibbles a long the way in preparation for soaking-up the bottle of fizz, kindly donated by the Hotel, now sitting in the fridge in our room. On arrival, there was another great surprise – Karen and Ralph had thoughtfully sent us a ginormous bunch of flowers.

Anniversary Flowers, courtesy of Ralph and Karen

OK, the fizz is now open, we’re on our second glass, and it’s all getting a bit fuzzy. Time to sign-off, before I lose the ability to type!

It’s been a great break and a great Anniversary too! – here’s to next 30!! Early flight tomorrow and hopefully, home by around 2pm.

You can see all our Malta photographs in one place HERE.

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