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Christmas Carol Concert at The Citadel 2014

Christmas is getting closer! After last night’s excellent Christmas meal courtesy of Trish and John, tonight, we exercised our lungs by attending the Salvation Army’s local Carol Concert at the Citadel (as we do every year).

David and Valerie were there, and so were Jo, Janet and Helen. Val managed to reserve us a couple of seats (which was a good thing as the place was almost at capacity by the time we arrived). Sadly, Frank couldn’t make it this year and nor could Lee (who was feeling a bit poorly after lunch). Compared to last year, this third (and final) performance for 2014 was far better attended, and that was reflected in the money collected – over £2000 this year, compared to £1200 last year.

My lungs really feel as if they’ve had a good workout, and so far, as a result, no sign of any of the local dogs or cats in distress, running around in agony!

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