High Chaparral Party/Latest tech Kit/Young Deer

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Today’s the day of our party!

Pity our costumes didn’t turn up in the post though. Tom to the rescue with a spare hat for me!!! Everyone else dressed for the part. Paul was a very convincing Mexican and Tom on his inflatable horse made a welcome return!!!

See a larger of the invite HERE

Everyone had a great time but we were too shattered to sort out the washing-up before we went to bed at 12.15.

Rosi and David stayed over which was nice; and we all attacked the debris on Sunday morning. By 9.30 it was all done.

We were all too stuffed for a massive brekky, so we settled for bacon sandwiches.

Placed an order for the new O2 ‘Stellar’ smartphone today. Should be here by Tuesday.

On the way to the hairdressers this morning a young deer ran out in front of the car. A hell of a thump, but no sign of the deer. Pity about the front bumper though! Looks like I’ll need a tiny bit of repair work on that – ouch!!

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