Holiday in Rotterdam (Wednesday)

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It’s our last full day here in the f-f-f-freezing weather until we return to the err, freezing weather of the UK. Although it looked a lot a lot warmer through the hotel bedroom window than previous days, we dressed-up as if we were heading for the North Pole!

With our new found confidence mastering the Metro system, we’re going to use it again today and take the short, but fast Metro journey up to The Hague.

Stuffed by the now legendary humongous Hilton breakfast, we waddled back to our room to get ready. Lee wasn’t feeling so good, so she chose to stay behind at the Hotel.

We headed for the Metro station and The Hague – all for 7 Euros each (and half-price for Denis!!). After a few stations, the Metro became an overground and we were soon enjoying the sunshine through the windows of the train – very welcoming!!!

We arrived at Den Haag station to find the place in the middle of some serious rebuilding. This made the job of finding a taxi a bit tricky, but after a convoluted walk, we found one. We headed for the Parliament building, but couldn’t find the entrance, so we drifted into a coffee-bar just across from the main square instead.

Next stop was the shops – and there quite a few! It didn’t take us long to start browsing and I managed to pick up a jacket, a t-shirt and some socks without trying too hard!

We spent the rest of our time admiring the architecture and just generally wandering about. We stumbled across a beautiful shopping arcade (Den Haag Passage?) – very fashionable and full of shops for people with plenty of money (and us too!)

We stopped for a late lunch at an Eat Restaurant. The food was good – Denis and I opted for the pea and sausage soup whilst Ann went for something less adventurous – a cheese toastie!

After lunch we headed back to the Hague – the best place for a taxi. We were soon pulling up at the station, and after double-checking our travel arrangements for tomorrow, we headed for platform 11 and the journey back to the Hotel.

By 5pm we were back in our room and settling down to a well-earned cuppa, whilst reflecting on the Rotterdam experience! We’re on the midday train tomorrow and that should get us back to St Pancras in plenty of time to catch the 6pm to Kettering – and home by 7.15pm.

All in all, it’s been a great break. We didn’t cover as much ground as Ann and I would have normally covered because we need to take it a lot slower with Denis and Lee. Still, we all had a good time. The Hilton Hotel, apart from the s*** service on the first night, turned out to be very good indeed. Getting around Rotterdam was very easy – the taxi drivers were, in the majority of cases, very helpful, chatty and mindful that we had two old ‘uns with us, and so helped them getting in and out, finding seat-belts etc etc. Although we didn’t get time to try out the Trams, we mastered the Metro – and that allowed us to travel further than planned. It was cheap too! Wherever we ate, the food was good, varied and reasonably priced and language was never a problem. The fact that I was able to get internet access from the room was a bonus.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be back some time in the future – there’s loads more to discover here!

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