Family Holiday – Day 6

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Today was quite an unusual day – especially as we’re on holiday! Up with the lark at 6 followed by driving Ann over to Derby station for 7.30am. Why? Ann needs to pop into work –  their Leicester office – to help with a minor crisis. Ironically, it’s probably the best day weather-wise so far – but no Ann!

I got back from the Station around 8.30, where Roger, Jane, Oliver, Ken and Celina were preparing for their departure – just leaving me time for a final light-sabre fight with Oliver!!! At last, I think I won this round!!!

At 10.15, with the final items squeeeeezed into their respective cars, we waved good bye and Lee and I spent the rest of the day rattling around in this enormous property.

Ann has another crisis at work on Thursday, and I need to get my broken tooth fixed, after cracking my crown a few days ago, so we’re cutting the holiday short by a day, and leaving tomorrow. That means lots of left-overs to munch through by breakfast time tomorrow, but at least we’ll be home with a bit of breathing space.

We drove over to Derby Station to pick Ann up at about 5, and that’s our final ‘trip out’.

It’s been a great holiday location here at Southwood House Farm – ideal for a large family holiday like ours, or a group weekend away. For me, the only disappointment was the intermittent mobile data signal and the rather large potholes on the drive (making the drive in and out a bit of a tricky manoeuvre – oh, and the tiny TV with only four channels.

But the most important thing of course was to have the majority of the family together in one place at the same time – not easily achieved given everyone’s circumstances!

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