Family Holiday – Day 2

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Typical! After virtually no rain at home for what seems like months, we’re on holiday and we wake up to RAIN – the very wet kind that’s also cold! Brrrr! 

We’re not sure what to do with ourselves today. The weather isn’t brilliant, although hopefully, it’ll brighten up later. Actually the weather did brighten up a little. Denis arrived around 10ish (after a confusing journey), and after settling in, we three (Ann, Lee and me) decided to pop into civilisation in the shape of the nearest town – Melbourne – around 20 minutes away.

Melbourne was an interesting town. It was certainly busy and seemed to have ‘one of everything’ – a traditional English town – a butchers, baker, florist, bank and a Spar shop that was so small you couldn’t actually turn round in the aisles! Still, it had all we needed except a mobile signal for me, although Ann’s ancient Nokia worked fine!

We stocked up on all the essentials – anti-perspirant, soup, newspapers, pasties and doughnuts! and then headed back to Denis and the dogs. We had a light lunch and then I spent a couple of hours cleaning Denis’ Picassa and re-washing mine! Job done and it was now time to start catching up with all the reading materials I brought with me – dozens of computer and photography mags plus a few educational books too. The weather improved, but it was still very windy and cold, so definitely one for staying IN!

After a relaxing afternoon reading, we tucked into beans, mash with authentic hand-made cornish pasties…from Derbyshire! Time to catch up with a bit of TV before Roger, Jane and Oliver join us later (if they can find the place!)

Hopefully, the weather will be a bit warmer tomorrow!

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