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8.00am: It was over to Peterborough for a haircut. Then back home for a quick change of clothes before we head off to Lamport for the treat-of-the-week – our full tasting session for our proposed Wedding Breakfast.

10.45am: The sampling session was a really enjoyable event, and the chef and Emma had worked very hard to please us with their interpretation of our ideal menu. All-in-all, we’re really pleased with what it’ll all look like – and taste like. A few tweaks here and there, and that’s another task sorted!

12.30pm: Next, it was down to Goldsmith’s in the town to look at the watch the insurance company have supplied as part of our recent insurance claim. The replacement watch looked great, although it needed a few links taken out of the strap – so I won’t be able to pick it up until next weekend as it’s got to go back to their larger branch at Milton Keynes to to the job.

1.30pm: Then, the final part of this manic day involved me popping into the Vauxhall dealership to sort out the private plate and clarify the delivery date of the new car (there’s been some horror stories on the ‘net suggesting a 20 week(!!!) wait… maybe longer for diesels with auto boxes – err, mine) – that’s a lot longer than the sales guy told me originally. Grrrr!  However, the sale team confirmed that the car will be at Vauxhall by the first or second week in April – so, that’s only 12 weeks – and that’s GREAT news!

Phew! that’s just too busy for me on a Saturday – time for a lie-down in a darkened room

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