Test Drive: Vauxhall Insignia

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Vauxhall Insignia SRiWith a frighteningly cold night (-11C when I got up this morning), it probably wasn’t the best time to have the Vauxhall Insignia for a three-day test drive.

By the time the car arrived, it was almost lunchtime, but worth the wait! Even though they couldn’t supply me with my first choice (an ‘Elite Nav’), the SRi variant came a close second! It seems to have lots of toys and I’m impressed with the quality of the switch-gear and the interior.

I couldn’t really push the car too hard today, simply because of the weather, but just taking it around town at moderate speeds on twisty roads left me feeling that this is a real ‘quality-motor’. I especially like the auto-box mated to the 2 litre diesel engine. It’s very quiet, feels a little more pokey than my  2 litre Mondeo and seems to be returning an impressive mpg. The only disappointment is that Vauxhall seem to have the same (patronising) voice embedded into the sat-nav.

More testing tomorrow.

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