A Christmassy Sunday

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Carol Concert 2010It’s been a great day – and a chrismassy one too! We finished putting up the decorations round the house, popped down to ASDA to top-up the champagne stock (no luck though – they were out of stock!), had carols playing on the iPod all day and generally got the house ready for Christmas day.

In the evening, we drove down to town to the annual Salvation Army Carol Concert (as we do most years) and Lee joined us. Jo and Janet were there too, as well as Jo’s Mum and Dad, Frank and Helen – so that was a perfect opportunity to have a bit of a catch-up. The concert was good as ever, and this year it was a bit more religious than previously. Other differences? The Lady Mayor was there and the Army, for the first time, managed to invest in some multimedia management software that allowed them to show multiple camera angles of the event as well as beam the words to the carols – pity about the American spelling though!

The star of the show was the small boy on the trumpet – absolutely amazing!!!!

We dropped Lee back at hers afterwards and got back around 8.

It’s officially Christmas for us now!

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