The Angel

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The Angel - Bury St Edmunds 


Room 110 -2Rush, rush,rush. Although I managed to finish my Course early, it was still a bit of a rush when I got home (around 4.30). Ann got in not long after and we ran around like mad things, to try and get ready for a 6pm departure.

Actually, we didn’t do too badly, as we finally got away around 6.10. We picked up David and Val, and together with Lee, we set off for The Angel Hotel in Bury St Edmunds. Looking at the traffic information in the car, it looked like trouble ahead on the A14, so we chose the back roads along some typical twisty-close-to-a-dyke type roads.

Room 110 - 1We arrived at the Hotel around 7.45 — and the challenges continued!!! The public car-park outside was full and the entrance to the private hotel car park, was blocked by a Range-Rover (thank-you!). Luckily, the check-in process was pretty painless, and we were soon weaving our way to our rooms. Lee’s opposite in 110, whilst we’re in 109. David and Val were just down the corridor in 112. Meanwhile, Reception hung onto my car-keys, promising to find me a parking space! That made me a little nervous, but I’m sure it’ll be fine – anyway, my hunger took priority!!!!

We quickly unpacked and then headed down to the lounge for some nibbles and a drink. Excellent service complemented by mouth-watering garlic-bread and broad-bean (kind-of) crisps! (yes, that’s right – and thankfully, they didn’t look, or taste anything like broad beans). They were delicious too!!!

Into the busy restaurant then, and we were soon tucking into our meal. Val and I shared the steak, whilst David and Ann wrestled with an enormous fish-pie. Lee settled for sandwiches – which we helped her with! Desserts looked scrummy, but I think I was the only one who gave in to the temptation – damson ripple ice-cream.  With my last mouth-full, I was stuffed.

Just time to pop back to reception to find out where they’d put the car. Success! It was parked down a nearby side-street, outside the hotel.

10.30pm – Time for bed.

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