Family Lunch

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Well almost!

We drove down to Roger, Jane and Oliver’s for the gathering of the clan. When I say clan – it was more of a clan-lite!, No, scrub that – clan-super-lite!

The original plan had been to get everyone together, simply because we don’t do it that often. We’d not expected my Mum to be there, so it was more likely to be Ann’s side of the family.

Unfortunately, Bev couldn’t make it, and at the last minute, nor could Mae as there had been a recent death of a relation. The net result was we had Denis, Ann Lee and me!

We picked-up Lee around 10.15 and headed south. It was a good journey down there and arrived around 12ish – a little later than planned because the local road was closed due to long-term roadworks.

After a quick gossip, lunch was served – a wide range of cold meats and quiche plus loads of salad bits. It was the perfect meal for the scorching hot weather they had down there.

No...I'm not joining you... Buggger off!!
I'm bored! Still bored...

Oliver was as energetic as ever – I managed to resist the temptation to joining him on the trampoline, but we did end up playing swing-ball, and later, battling it out with a broom versus a plastic sword (I won! Just!!!). Oliver then ran around photographing anything that moved. Luckily, that didn’t include me as I fell asleep – only to be awoken a few minutes later by Oliver, who was now bored. We settled for a game of junior Scrabble (that’s about my limit!)

After losing at JUNIOR Scrabble (!!), Denis decided to head home – and we decided to do the the same.

A great day – but knackering day!!!

We had a hassle-free journey home and dropped off Lee along the way

Whoosh! – what’s that noise? Oh, that’s your weekend disappearing Steve!!!

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