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The Crown - Stamford We took a drive over to Stamford on Saturday, to see our good friends Nick and Celina. We met at The Crown in Stamford for lunch and then did a bit of shopping. We decided to move my car from the pay-and-display because it was a maximum three-hour-stay. That was BIG mistake. Nick suggested we ark it in his office’s car-park just up the road. The entrance was very narrow and I managed somehow to scrape the near-side front wing and dent the side-skirt. On the way-out I managed to repeat the process and scrape the front wheel too! Bugger!!!


We headed back to theirs and spent the rest of the afternoon reading the papers and generally chilling out. Celina cooked a brilliant meal in the evening. Butternut Squash soup followed by chili and meatballs and then home-made apricot sponge. All washed down with far too much alcohol!

We stayed Saturday night and had breakfast with them. David and Wendy complete with their dogs ‘Cassie’ and ‘Jasper’. We finished breakfast and headed home, arriving back around 11.30.

Edwards - Crick Then, it was off to Edward’s, our favourite restaurant by the Canal in Crick for Val’s birthday lunch. Boy! have we over-eaten this weekend!!!!! Still it felt good!

We got back about 4.15. I rang Paul and we agreed that I’d take the car in tomorrow for an estimate.

Apart from the incident with the car which dampened my spirits a little, it’s been a GREAT weekend.

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