Mondeo in for repair…

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mondeo2008I took the car to Central Garage in Irthlingborough to get a quotation for the repairs after Saturday’s adventure

Looks like it’ll need a fill-and-re-spray to the front panel, a replacement side skirt and a refurbed alloy. Total bill will be in the region of £600!

They think it’ll take a day, maybe two, to repair everything. So I should get it back by Thursday.

I’m just pleased they were able to get it in so quickly. I guess it’s one of the advantages for me that the car industry over here is generally struggling at the moment! I hate driving around in cars that look like they’ve not been looked-after!!!

Then, I’ll need to get it up to PaintShield in Grantham to have the film-protection added. That’ll be another £200…

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