Trojan! + Valentine’s Day

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I’m not 100% sure how I acquired it but I seem to now be home to the very popular ‘Vundo’ Trojan. A nasty piece of work that creates random-named dll files and hooks into your Browser. The result? Lots of hard disk activity, random adverts appearing for no reason and a very sluggish PC. After a lot of help from those nice people at Dell and a bit of detective work via Google, I managed to download some utilities designed to remove it. Initially, none of the utilities made any difference, but a day later, it looks like it’s all fixed.

All I can put it down to was the fact that I used the wireless connection at the Travel Inn in Barnsley on Monday…surely that couldn’t be it?

..and then, just when I thought I’d got rid of it, up popped McAfee to remind me that it had found it again on the machine…and again…and again!

Looks like the rest of Valentine’s day will be spent nurturing the PC back to normal life!

I bought Ann a single red rose, one for Mum and one for Lee. What a smoothy! :))

Ann bought me a lovely dressing gown and I got her a blue and silver necklace.

Mid-morning, Ann, Lee and Bertie went off to Stamford leaving me to sort out the PC and Mum reading the papers and sleeping!

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