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Spent the day in London today. Left home around 8am for my first meeting but Stuart McL cancelled. Arrived at the Novotel, Waterloo around 11am, so I guess that wasn’t a bad journey. Stuart cancelling left me time to do a bit of work and try out the new laptop wirelessly (again!). This time there was no ‘Cloud’ connection around, so I hooked up to the local Orange connection (I guess this was part of the Novotel set-up). Not bad, but only a 1 meg connection this time!

Tonight, I was planning to meet some of the training gang – that’s June P, Antoinette U, and Rick A at Wagamama’s at the Royal Festival Hall. Wagamama’s was too busy, so we went round the corner to ‘Le Pain Quotidien’, a restaurant specialising in organic foods. Delicious!!!!

We came out around 10pm and it was raining! A short walk towards Waterloo where I caught a cab back to the hotel.

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