Stafan’s Birthday Meal

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We met at Debbie and Stefan’s together with Karen (Paul was away, golfing), Rosi and David and Bobby and Stella (S and D’s neighbours-but-one). Fiona arrived to baby-sit.

Weather was horrible! We needed an umbrella to get from S and D’s to the taxi – 2 yards away!!! Ahhh, the British Summer. 🙂

A few drinks and nibbles at theirs and the off by taxi to the Italian restaurant ‘Bella Sicilia’ in the town. We’d not been there before – it was rather small, 30 covers – but it more than made up for it with its atmosphere. I even got to ‘play’ the tamborine!!! (scary huh?)

I enjoyed my food, but Ann was a bit disappointed with hers.

Taxi was late in arriving and picking us up – what is it with taxis round here? They only have to do one thing, take people from A to B at the time agreed..and they fail every time!!!

We didn’t get to bed until after midnight and we were both shattered. We declined going back to theirs afterwards otherwise we would have been even later – old fuddy-duddies or what?

..well, our excuse is that we’ve got a Wedding to go to the following day where we’re looking after the photography. Lots to think about and a good night’s sleep will help!!!

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