The Cable Guy/Karen’s Birthday Meal

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birthday letterboard with confetti

Reconnected the external aerial to the HiFi today (because the aerial guy had connected the down-cable to the socket near the TV rather than the original circuit behind the glass cabinet). It meant running a length of co-ax along the outside back wall to save lifting the carpet up to conceal it. It took longer than expected and I needed Tom’s help to locate the cable once it was fed through to the outside of the house.

Helped David and Val cable up their new HD TV so that it would play through their HIFi system – sorted!

…and wow! what a superb picture on National Geographic HD!!!

We’re off to ‘Lui’s’ tonight with Karen, Paul, Deb, Stefan, Rosie and David to celebrate Karen’s birthday. A SUPERB MEAL – their steaks are out-of-this-world!!! Coincidentally, we went there last year too for Karen’s Birthday

Tried to do the same for Paul’s Sony system (with Stefan’s help) when we got back from the restaurant – NOT sorted!! πŸ™ It was a very peculiar set-up with the Sky-box set up on AV5 and the DVD on AV1. The DVD would play OK through the surround-sound speakers but the Sky-box wouldn’t. Additionally, there was no signal coming through the aerial lead even though there was in the other room. I hate being beaten by these problems, but I may have to ‘throw in the towel. :((

Got in at 2.35am – that’s mighty late for us…

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