TV: Doctor Who – Series 13, Chapter 4: Village of the Angels

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No prizes for guessing what this one is about! A village with Angels? How do they think up the titles? 😯

Same advice as before then: Whatever you do, DON’T blink! Other useful advice is HERE.

I’ve got high expectations for this one, so let’s see if this series can maintain its run of good stories! I do hope the narrative is less dis-jointed than last week’s – ‘Once, Upon Time though!

The Plot…


Devon, November 1967. A little girl has gone missing. Professor Eustacius Jericho is conducting psychic experiments. And in the village graveyard, there is one gravestone too many. Why is Medderton known as “The Cursed Village”? And what do the Weeping Angels want?

We’re off…

I watched it live tonight. It went out at 6.20pm on BBC 1, and ran for 55 minutes.

Well, a sufficiently creepy opening – a dark night, fog descending… all the necessary ingredients!

…and it’s not long before these familiar foes make an entrance! (Boo!)

…but Bel is back! (Hurrah!)

Professor Jericho is very feisty!

The Doctor has a plan!

,,,but Yaz & Dan are out of time!

Oh no! ☹️

What’s the significance of Peggy’s role in all of this? 🙄

Maybe she knows..? 🤔

This had me on the edge of my seat. You can’t imagine what happens next!


Well, that was a very good episode indeed! 👍👍

For me, easily the best of JW’s tenure so far, and maybe even one of the best modern Who episodes ever! (Steady Steve!!!). Plenty of tension, some familiar foes and a genuinely creepy tone. Structurally too, it was much easier to follow that last week’s chapter and where every character had a place in the story (and some, even two!).

This is much more like the Who I’ve been missing since JW took over. This latest series – and this episode Chapter, in particular, has completely reversed my view of JW in the role! 👍👍

Plenty of ‘Angel action’ in this one and we learned a lot more about them, and how they operate. Think all Angels are ALL bad? This may change your mind! Expect some more hints about The Division, and when it comes to the end credits, no, it’s not your TV on the blink* – stick with it!! 👍

*See what I did there?

This week’s tongue-twisty technical terminology: “Quantum Extraction”

I’ll probably watch this one again – and I haven’t wanted to do that for a long time!

Next time… (the penultimate Chapter)

Next week’s Chapter is called “Survivors of the Flux”, but DON’T watch it if you don’t want to see how THIS week’s episode ended…

Chapter 5 is on BBC1 at 6.25pm and runs for 50 minutes.

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