Doctor Who – Series 12, Episode 5 – “Fugitive of the Judoon”

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We’re exactly halfway through this series, and after last week’s very satisfying episode, I wonder if this week’s will be as good?

SYNOPSIS: The Judoon have marched their way into modern Gloucester on the hunt for a fugitive. Who are they pursuing, and why is the Doctor involved? Reserve your space behind the settee for tonight’s slice of Sunday Sci-fi! 😊

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Initially, it looked like tonight’s yarn was going to be another ‘Doctor v Monster-of-the-week’ yarn, but wow!, what an episode it turned out to be!!!

Written by showrunner Chris Chibnall with Vinay Patel, and featuring more twists and turns than any Who-episode I ever remember – and I’ve seen a few – this was the best JW episode so far. I don’t think even the most dedicated Whovian could have guessed how tonight’s story would play out! ?

Without revealing too much here (for those who have yet to see it), this week’s, I predict, will be the most talked about episode so far – maybe ever??? Wholly unpredictable, especially the second half, it kept me riveted from start to finish – as a result, there are now so many questions to be answered!!! ?

On one level, it was simply a good Who story, but on another, the surprise return of a much-loved character from Who-past, put it on another level, together with all the plot-twists. And if that wasn’t enough, by the third act, a massive plot reveal that impacted on everything we thought we knew about Who has got fans wracking their brains and trying to work out what it all means!! ?

Suffice to say: remember the impact on the Who-community when the War Doctor first appeared? Well, it might be time to rewrite the Doctors’ timeline again! Ouch! My brain hurts! 🙄

I don’t think they’ll top this one, but who knows?

Verdict: The best story in a long time, with easily enough unanswered questions to set the Internet on fire! ?

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