Doctor Who – Series 12, Episode 4 – “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror”

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After an enjoyable (and thought-provoking) couple of opening episodes to this new series, last week’s was, for me, a real ‘yawn-fest’ ?. I’m hoping therefore, tonight’s story is going to get Who back on track… ?

SYNOPSIS: It’s 1903, and someone (or something) is sabotaging Nikola Tesla’s generator plant at Niagara Falls. And in a possible spooky crossover between a Captain Scarlet episode and the novel, War of the Worlds; has the inventor received a message from Mars?
<< cue: intro music >> ? Da-da-da-dah… Da-da-da-dah… ?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ahh, that’s better! ?.
Convincing CGI and SFX worked well together, with a story that moved along at pace. It was good to watch an episode that was based on some real people from history too! A reference to the ongoing story-arc (albeit ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’) ticked an important box for me – so that’s another plus! More episodes like this please BBC!! ?

Verdict: A very satisfying yarn, that felt very Who. Perfect Sunday evening fodder ?

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