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It was off to the Kettering Odeon tonight for 5.45pm performance of The Post.

We were very much looking forward to this, given the partnership of Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg (apparently, the first time they’ve all worked together on the same film).

The storyline follows the New York Times’ and Washington Post’s efforts to expose the American Government’s cover-up of certain aspects of the Vietnam War.

For me, it was a slow starter but it certainly picked up the pace at a round the halfway mark. Great acting all round and a faithful re-creation of America in the 70s. It was also interesting to see, in the final scenes, the actual making-up and printing of a newspaper ‘the pre-digital way’ with the Typesetters and Printing-Press on full tilt. Best of all though, was in the final frames of the movie where the scene showed a break-in… at Watergate! Very poignant and it’s begging a sequel! (even though we know what happens).

If you’re a fan of Streep, Hanks and/or Spielberg, this is a must-see. And if you enjoy films with a ‘government cover-up’ theme, this is also for you. For us, it’s both, so plenty of boxes ticked for us two!

Prior to the movie, we headed for Frankie & Benny’s for a meal-deal. Excellent food all round and very efficient service too! The bill worked out to be around £12 each – great value considering we had Starters, Mains and Drinks.


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