£1-a-Day (2017)

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Here we are again! More-or-less a year after last year’s event, I’m doing it all again!

This time, although David (supporting the Salvation Army) and I are eating together, I’m raising money for Barnardo’s with my old ‘mucker’, Roy Clark (who just happens to work for them and who is also surviving on a £1 a day). David’s friend, Paul, also from the Army, is joining in too!

We’re thinking big, setting an ambitious target of £5000 for Barnardo’s – and so it won’t hurt that Roy is currently head of their shops division, and very well connected!

For me, this my FOURTH year exercising a bit a will-power – and all for a good cause!

Roy and me – Scary huh?!

David and I shopped in a different way this year. We did some price comparisons before the actual shopping-day itself, ensuring that we got the best deals in order to make our funds go even further. And that seemed to pay off, as maybe surprisingly, we did a lot of the shopping at Morrison’s before finally moving onto Aldi. In quite a few cases the former was actually cheaper! We also bagged a few bargains on the reduced trolley at Morrison’s too!

Shopping List

The prices crossed-though are our guessimate before we shopped – and in most cases, once we actually did the shop, prices were often lower.

Bill @ Morrisons 2017
Bill @ Aldi 2017

…it really did pay to ‘shop around’!

The Menus
Click on any of the images above for a larger view

From our purchases, we managed to created a menu that will give us three meals-a-day for seven days, with the promise of a slightly more generous-sized meal on the last day (Thursday). OK the menu is boring and it’s not particularly nutritious, but it works! If there’s anyone out there who thinks they could create a week’s worth of food for just £7 per person, but is a more healthy option, we’d love you to get in touch.

You can see Roy and my progress throughout the week including how much money we’ve raised on the the following website

and we’ll also be posting on most of the major social media platforms too providing with some photos of our efforts along the way!

Big thanks from all of us!!
Now the tricky bit! Sticking to the plan… and not feeling too hungry between meals!

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