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It was our annual trip to Lunaflix’s outdoor cinema presentation tonight – the Film? 2016’s La La Land; the venue? Boughton House. We’d been here last year to see Pretty Women and I immediately noticed this time, it was much better supported (with apparently, over 400 tickets sold – last year it was more like 200!).

August in Northamptonshire means keeping an eye on the weather forecast – constantly! – and although it was a dry evening, it got cool really quickly as the evening wore-on. Good job then we’d packed the right clothing! (in short: one of everything and a pair of gloves too!)

We made more of an event of this year as we were joined by our good friends, Paul & Sue and Geoff and Rhonda. With each of us taking a specific chunk of the picnic to prepare, we ended up with a table that was truly Olympic standard! – all that was missing was the candelabra! (Although we did see a group with solar lights surrounding their space!)

Just after 9pm, as the sun went down and we packed away our picnic, Simon, the organiser treated us to some bonus footage – the ‘Singing in the Rain’ scene from err, the 1952 film: Singing in the Rain (luckily, that was the only rainfall we saw tonight! – and a complete contrast to our recent firework event a few weeks back)

And then, it was the main event. Like last year, the picture and sound quality was just amazing (techy note: Blu-ray disc and a high-end front-projector)

And 128 minutes later, it was all over. Was it any good? Well, I think our Jury’s ‘still out’! Personally, I loved it! You can’t beat a good ‘Boy-meets-girl… Girl loses boy… Boy-gets-piano’ type story – everyone else in our group though had different views – a bit like Marmite then, this one – and fair to say it didn’t enjoy universal appeal!

  to  then!

If you’ve been living under a stone since its release, and you’re curious, I’d say give it a go. And if you do make it to the final act, don’t think of leaving before the credits roll, believing you’ve ‘got it’ – there’s a ton of ‘stuff’ going on in the final 10 minutes! One more thing to add: I think the outdoor cinema experience with everyone enjoying the (relatively) good weather, their food and their drink and of course each other, probably made the overall experience better!

All-in-all then, another great night out, with friends, with a picnic and a film – is there anything better?
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