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Wow! That was a laugh today! We re-assembled  many of the ‘Eastern’ (then ‘Romford’) Area Trainers round at ours for a slap-up lunch. As usual, Ann did her creative stuff in the kitchen, and produced a mighty impressive menu!

NoseBag August 2017

*N.O.S.E.B.A.G = Our ‘restaurant club’ back in the 80s, standing for Noble Order of Scoffers, Epicureans, Belchers and Gannets

We haven’t all been together since our Wedding back in 2011 and it was good to see Chris & Gill, Steve & Denise, Roy & Susan and Rick. The copious amounts of alcohol flowing probably didn’t help the calculations, but we think the last time we were all together (bar the Wedding) was 30 years ago!

30 years!? I know it’s a bit clichéd, but seriously, where have all the years gone? Bizarrely, ‘back in the day’, we all lived all over the place, but in the intervening years, completely by coincidence, we’ve all ended up within easy driving distance of each other. What are the chances ehh???


We all did the menu justice and put the world right in equal measure and before we knew it, it was getting on for 4 o’clock! A long, long (long) lunch! and it was great to catch up with the ‘old gang’ for a proper chat after all these years.


..and some thoughtful ‘gifts’ too.

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