Pre-Christmas Get-together with the Neighbours

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Sometimes, all the signs are that it’s probably best to stay under the duvet. This morning was one of those times! We retrieved the Polo from five-days of ‘intensive care’ at the garage, only to find that after taking it for a spin, the exhaust system fault light re-appeared. Then, just as we were heading for Homebase, we got caught in a massive traffic-jam on the A45, that left us at a stand-still for over an hour. Plenty of police cars, an ambulance, an umarked police car and a helicopter suggested it was serious. When we got to Homebase, we found it had closed… for good!
…back in 2009!!!!

I must get out more!!!
Sad smile

Onto happier events. Trish and John hosted their annual ‘neighbours’ Christmas event’ – and with John acting as Taxi, we got down to the serious business of eating, drinking and being merry straightaway! Trish had put on a full Christmas Roast, with every vegetable known to Man, followed by a Christmas Pudding, then a cheeseboard, and finally a few (Christmas) Spirits. It was a varied evening with topics of discussion ranging from football managers to HRT via Bra-fitting! (the copious amounts of alcohol may have helped the transition form one subject to another!) Tom was in fine form with his impromptu (impossible to sing-along) singalongs, whilst we all discovered more about our friends because exiting the dining room for the loo, was only achievable by going UNDER the table (Hmmmm warm hands Tom… well I think it was Tom!)
20151219_200100_Rosemount Dr
20151219_195707_Rosemount Dr
20151219_200610_Rosemount Dr
20151219_215107_Suffolk Pl
20151219_211518_Rosemount Dr
20151219_211102_Rosemount Dr
20151219_222208_Rosemount Dr
For us, it was the perfect tonic after this morning’s ‘motoring events’. By the time we left, it was well past our sell-by date, but fortunately, Rhiannon was on hand to act as Taxi, and get us home. I think it was 1.15am when we stumbled through the front-door!

Thanks for hosting Trish! We had a great time. Happy Christmas everyone!!!
Smile Smile Smile Smile

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